Alessandro Senato

Communication Technologist
Product Designer

Looking for an in-house job
Relocating to Denmark

  • I quit Computer Engineering to start my company
  • I led a media-tech company for 8 years
  • 2 years CTO for a small startup in Los Angeles
  • I ventured to San Francisco chasing my unicorn in Edu-tech
  • Few years freelancing as a graphic designer
  • Now I want to improve my seniority structure
Adobe Creative Suite

Stocked Design Toolbox

I have a good knowledge of the digital design principles and extensive experience with graphic production tools


Technological vision

Scientific education and technological instinct give me awareness and creativity in engineering products

Asset 10

Holistic point of view

My dual background allows me to speak the developers’ language and the designers’ language

Major Projects

Some major groups gave my team the honor to deliver their message and the freedom to choose the technology

logo CK 2
Calvin Klein Fashion Show in Rome
Urban Installation System
logo ASI 2
The first Educational Videogame of the Agency
logo miur 2
Roobia 3D Software
Awarded Physics simulations software


I have an insatiable appetite for technology.

My drive is the idea of evolution that made humans evolve to today’s state of the art. Technology is the most evident expression of human evolution. And more is yet to come.

excitement comes from

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work together

Team Facilitator

I always had good teams to work with. My role was to get the best out of each teammate. My ideal state is the brainstorming meeting; I love bad ideas having sex and generating good ones.
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Lower the Entropy!

I’m methodical and disciplined. Consistency is my first commandment.

Yes, I do rename Photoshop layers.
Talk to me

Honest and Straightforward

A trait of my personality that I want to highlight is that I’m honest and straightforward, and I like others to be so with me. I’m respectful and, as a consequence of this, I’m punctual.

Hygge time

I’m moving to Denmark because today it’s a cultural center for the world. It’s where meaningful things happen, and I’m eager to contribute to something impactful.
But above all, I fit beautifully in the values system of the country